There are some general rules which will help when caring for your kit.

  • Do not wash your kit above 40 degrees,and some fabrics e.g those containing elastine or similar ,require more careful washing and are not adsvised to be washed at more than 30 degrees.
  • Wash kit as soon as is possible after use-this prevents any deep rooting of stains.
  • Soiled kit-you are advised to remove as much as possible any surface dirt before washing in a machine.
  • To help remove any stains ,water soaking can help lift these as well as use of neat detergent or non-bleach stain remover.
  • Do not tumble dry any kit – air dry and reshape whilst damp.
  • Do not pile up or fold garments whilst damp, this can cause colour transfer, and cause damage to logos.
  • Always wash socks separately, especially if they are darker than your kit.
  • Never iron printed logos as the heat can damage the embellishment.